1979: First concert in Muzzano, later Festa New Orleans Lugano and then JazzAscona

1982: playing in Viglio

1986: First concert at the festival in Ascona with legendary Louis Nelson

1987: Concert at the festival in Ascona with legendary Sammy Price

New Orleans Jazz Festival Ascona 1985 – 1988

YoungPicayune88 - nicolasound

1986: Jam at home with Lillian Boutté, Ralph Sutton, Thomas L’Etienne

1987: Concert with Thomas L’Etienne in Basel

1989: Funeral parade in New Orleans next to Herlin Riley

Concerts at Bar Unione di Viglio, 1990 & 1991
with John Boutté, Chris Frey, Michel Gilliet, Nicolas Gilliet



with Michel Gilliet, Alfredo Ferrario & Stefano Bagnoli at Torchio Ascona

1991: with  Stefano Bagnoli in Ascona

1991: playing in New Orleans with Kermit Ruffins

2000: playing in Bern with John Boutté and Sandro Schneebeli

2014: playing in Breda, Holland with Martin Lechner

2015: playing in Breda, Holland with Larry Franco and Attilio Troiano

2015: Playing with New Breed Brass Band in Ascona

& many more in Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland and U.S.A