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Frank Salis meets Michael Watson
2018, recorded in New Orleans with Frank Salis, piano & guitar & composer/ Michael Watson, vocals & trombone / James Martin, tenor sax / Kevin Louis, trumpet / Beck Burger, Hammond B3 / AJ Hall, drums

Larry Franco & Dee Dee Joy “Unforgettable Natalie & Nat”
2019, with Larry Franco, vocals & piano / Dee Dee Joy, vocals / Guido Di Leone, guitar / Ilario De Marinis, bass

Larry Franco & Dee Dee Joy “Unforgettable Christmas”
2019, with Larry Franco, vocals & piano / Dee Dee Joy, vocals / Guido Di Leone, guitar / Ilario De Marinis, bass

George Robert All Stars

CD Friends Reunion  —  Solidarity for S.O.S New Orleans after Katrina
2006, production with COOP
with Thomas L’Etienne & John Boutté

You’ve gotta love Lil!
2017, with Lillian Boutté, vocals / Denny Ilett, guitar / Phil Parnell, piano / Andy Crowdy, bass / Dylan Howe, drums

Lillian Boutté - You've gotta love Lil!

Renato Podestà – Foolish Little Dreams
2019, with Renato Podestà, guitar / Gianluca Di Ienno, Hammond B3 / Roberto Lupo, drums / Special Guest: Sandro Gibellini, guitar

Renato Podestà Trio

Serena Brancale – “Vita d’artista”
2018, recorded in Losone, Switzerland with Serena Brancale, vocals & lyrics / Domenico Sanna, Fender Rhodes, Wurlizer & bass synth / Alfonso Deidda, piano & alto sax, clarinet & flute / Dario Panza, drums & multipad

New Life – George Robert All Star Band
2014, Live recording at Jazz Cat Club with George Robert, alto sax / Dado Moroni, piano / Peter Washington, bass / Jeff Hamilton, drums
printed by GRP

George Robert All Stars

CD “Fools Rush In”
2002, recording and production
with Thomas L’Etienne, Denny Ilett, Andy Crowdy, Nicolas Gilliet

CD “Karima Sings Bacharach”
2014, recorded at Studio Canaa, Losone for a LIMITED EDITION with Special Guest from New Orleans: Irvin Mayfield, trumpet
today printed and distributed by Universal Italy

Sandro Schneebeli Boogaloo Quartet – Live at Piazza Grande Jazz, Locarno
2011, Live recording with Sandro Schneebeli, guitar / Frank Salis, hammond B3 / Max Pizio, tenor sax / Silvano Borzacchiello, drums
printed by Altrisuoni

Sandro Schneebeli Boogaloo 4tet

DVD “S.O.S. New Orleans”
2008, production, recorded by Carlos Valladares, www.ecoslatinos.org, photos by Armand Richardson, Luca Martinelli & special guests: Lillian Boutté, Dr. Michael White, Barney Floyd, Bob French and more.

CD “Friends”
1998, recording and production
with John Boutté, Thomas L’Etienne, Sandro Schneebeli, Michel Gilliet, Chris Frey, Nicolas Gilliet